Hi, Myself

Ravinder Negi

I am a Full Stack Developer and Content Creator

I build things for the internet.

Ravinder Singh

My Web Skills

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Reactjs, Nodejs, ExpressJs
  • Shopify, WordPress
  • Mongodb, MySQL
  • AWS Lambda, Serverless, Git

Web is an incomplete crap without HTML/CSS/Javascript. And I love these languages and that's why I created "this" website purely in HTML

I think, everyone must know at least HTML/CSS. Because we are in digital world.

even if you are a part of any other profession may be a blogger, student, shopkeeper, business etc. These languages will help you in this digital world.

Anybody can easily learn HTML/CSS and my goal is train as many people possible to thrive over these languages and rest depends on every individual's interests.

My Gadgets

I always use below gadgets for web development and content creation, as these tools and gadgets make my life easy and I love these more than my life.

About Me

I am into web development and create content for the internet through my digital marketing skills. I am from IT background with 13+ years of professional experience into web development.

I started my career as a web designer in 2007, and later on I moved to backend development. I took these opportunities and continuously work, learn and develop around them and adopted many tech stacks and skills. During this period I was associated with 3-4 IT companies. After doing many things I got designated myself as Full Stack Developer.

I like knowledge sharing that's why I share my knowledge and experiences through youtube

please check out my youtube videos

My Youtube Videos

My Interests

Whenever I got the chance, I do these things in my daily routine.

My Investment Apps

Yes, of course, I am software engineer and content creator. But I am also an Investor. We all should become an investor and should always invest and make sure that money works for you or else you will keep working for money for the rest of your life. This is one of my basic learnings as an investor.